September 2009


Welcome back to another season here at Honeyguide, the days are becoming considerably warmer and its just about time to lose all the layers of  warm clothing for the morning safaris. The wildlife seems to be playing along and the sightings have been absolutely fantastic this winter, with a lot of our guests and even our guides seeing once in a life time animal interactions.




The sighting of the season has to be when Toni and David Reiseger were out on safari with one of our guides Lyton, when they truly had a national geographic moment. Whilst watching a hippo peacefully resting in a waterhole an impala came running straight into the water, this infuriated the hippo who promptly chomped down on the helpless impala who managed to escape the jaws but was badly wounded, the antelope dragged itself out of the water but was greeted by 3 hungry wild dog who appeared on the scene and seized the impala killing it…what a truly amazing sighting and one that will be in the memory banks forever.



Our leopard sightings have once again been top drawer and the sightings of these elusive and amazing cats have been so frequent we almost see them every drive. The two Tintswalo cubs have been ever present and provided us with some awesome sightings. I was out on a morning safari with the Heiniger family, when we came across one of the youngsters and while watching him he stalked and got hold of a young grey duiker, but still being a bit too young and inexperienced he failed to kill the little antelope, he spent the next 45minutes playing with his live catch, he would lick it, lie next to it and every time it tried to escape he would put a paw on it and hold it down. We left the two of them and can only imagine that the leopard eventually would have gotten his breakfast. Roelani and her cub have been seen a number of times and the little one is doing really well and looks to be growing by the day.


This winter has brought the big buffalo herds to our remaining water sources, some of them numbering up to 1000 animals in a herd, its an awesome experience being in the middle of such a huge herd. With the buffalo you can be sure to find the lions, we have seen our big pride of 19 on regular occasions on several buffalo kills and a giraffe kill, but top of the lion news is the birth of 4 cubs, we have only seen them a few times but mum seems to be taking good care of them, and we will keep you posted on their progress holding thumbs that they make it through the challenge of being lion cubs.





Last but definitely not least, Richard our one of our newest guides whilst on drive with the De Villiers family who were only with us for one night, were fortunate enough to find a black rhino, it is only the second time in about 3years that one of them have been seen here so it was truly a special find and another unforgettable sighting for both guests and guide.


As spring rushes by we all look forward to seeing what the Manyeleti has to show us. All we can do is hope that the bush continues to bless us.





Submitted by: Greg McCall-Peat