Winter 2012

With the early onset of winter, we have noticed the temperature drop in the mornings and evenings at Honeyguide. The brilliant greens of summer edge slowly into yellow and brown autumnal hues. The mornings are misty and cool till the sun comes through. In the early evenings, as soon as the sun disappears behind the Drakensberg escarpment, you find yourself reaching for your jacket. Coming back from the late afternoon game drive, guests enjoy sitting around the warm campfire in the boma, with a glass (or two) of a good South African vintage sharing the day’s adventure with the guides and the other Honeyguide guests.

The winter always brings large buffalo herds to our remaining water sources, which are surprisingly still full although the water table has eased off over recent months. Often as many as a thousand in a herd; it is truly an awesome experience to see a herd en masse moving through the bushes. The presence of buffalo often indicates lion activity in the area.

Our guides have been tracking a pride of two male, two females and their five cubs. The cubs are growing into juveniles and are now quite playful, oblivious to the care of the doting mums. Still they are unused to human presence and extra cautious at the sound of our game drive vehicles.

With each winter (now our 20th winter in the Manyeleti!), the breeding herds of elephants noisily work their way through the Reserve. We are lucky that they frequently stop at the water pan in front of Mantobeni camp and directly in front of Tent 4!, to quench their thirsts to the amazement of our guests. And still you will have the odd lone elephant bull that prefers the cleaner, slightly chlorinated water of the swimming pool!

We were extremely fortunate this season to experience the rare sightings of pangolin as well as a pack of sixteen wild dogs passing through our paradise in the Manyeleti.

We were delighted to have the family and crew comprising The Goodwin Project, see The Goodwin Project join us on safari. This family and crew have undertaken an expedition of no less than eighteen countries. Dad, Aamion, Mom, Daize (both are world renowned surfers from Kauai, Hawaii) are taking their children, four year old Given and thirteen month old, True, on a life journey. The group have spent thirteen months on the road and were there with the birth of their beautiful daughter, True. They witnessed her taking her taking her first steps a few months ago and are now with her as she has her first experience of animals in the wild.

They stayed at Khoka Moya from 12 – 17 May and in their five-night stay at Honeyguide they had excellent sightings and were able to capture the most amazing footage on film. We hope to follow them and their travels on their website and blogs. From the excitement of big herds of animals, to the serenity of the beautiful sunsets and the memorable red dust sunsets over the wild African bush, its grassy hills and mystical dams, we your friends at Honeyguide think of you and look forward to having you return to our jewel in the Manyeleti, bordering Kruger National Park see Kruger National Park