Guests are taken on game drives in an open game vehicle in the early morning and late afternoon/evenings. Afternoon game drives include a sundowner at a majestic viewing spot, over the Mohwareng Hills, chosen by your ranger. Plus, you will be spoilt with sightings of nocturnal creatures.

The game frequently sighted in the reserve includes elephant, rhino, lion and hippo. In between meals and game drives, watch the animals and birdlife by relaxing at the pool or observing from the Hide. Alternately, join a walking safari through the wild, accompanied by an experienced armed ranger. It is a thrilling, exciting and unforgettable experience seeing the animals on foot.

Group tours are available to the nearby village of Welverdiend, where guests will learn about the relationship between traditional and contemporary living.

Activities on site or nearby include:

  • Bird watching from a newly built hide opposite a watering hole
  • Bush walks**
  • Hiking and walking safaris
  • Plant life/flora and footprint tracking
  • Private guided tours
  • Safaris in a private conservancy or into the neighbouring Kruger National Park
  • Wildlife photography

**Bush walk rules:

  1. Guests older than 60 years are not allowed to walk
  2. Children under the age of 16 are not allowed to walk  
  3. When it is raining or windy no walk is allowed  
  4. Only a minimum of 4 on a walk



Khoka Moya Camp has a reception area made from recycled wood and thatch. It also houses a locally crafted curio outlet/shop. The main dining, lounge and bar area is designed to resemble and recalling the pioneer-dwellings of the early gold prospectors…


The food is a highlight. At both camps it’s a communal affair, usually served outdoors at a long table, with log fires and torches to create a really authentic bush feel. Simple homemade dishes, using predominantly local produce, are plentiful and exquisitely presented…


Guests are taken on game drives in open game viewing vehicles in the early morning and late afternoon/evening.. Late afternoon and evening drives include sunset drinks, views over the Mohwareng Hills, and glimpses of nocturnal creatures…


The camp is open to visitors all year. Game viewing is at its best the dry Winter (May-October) as animals congregate around water holes and the lack of foliage and grasses gives you a clearer view. But it does get cold at night and during the morning game drive, so pack accordingly…

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